Sunday, January 3, 2016

Homemade Lotion: To Give and To Use!!

This Christmas, I really focussed on making homemade gifts for the people that I love. I wanted to make them all thoughtful presents. Even though my gifts are home-mated, I didn't want them to be junky. So I have been experimenting with making my own lotion. So far I have tried 3 recipes.

So the FIRST lotion I made came from Wellness Mamma and it's very easy. I used Rose Essential oil: not therapeutic grade. I just wanted a Rose smell and wasn't too concerned with the therapeutic properties during my first fore into lotion making. So I used the "Essential Oil" they sell at Michael's in the soap isle. That's also where I got an ENORMOUS brick of beeswax. Once I got the beeswax home, I realized it would be impossible to cut into the wax to measure it out for the recipe. So my husband suggested heating up an old steak knife on our stovetop (we have a gas stove) and then cutting into the beeswax. Eureka! I would suggest putting down a cutting board though since the wax will probably melt and get on your counters, etc. But it flakes off of a wood cutting board very easily.

The recipe made a VERY THICK lotion. A little goes a long way. I would suggest letting it soak in a bit before getting dressed, since it can be a little oily for a minute or so. A lot of other recipes said to whip lotion with a hand mixer as it cools, because it changes the texture. I think if I use this recipe again, I might add that step. Just let it cool until it becomes opaque and then whip it.

This lotion has only two ingredients and is INCREDIBLY easy. You just need raw cocoa butter, coconut oil and then you add essential oils. When I was whipping the Cocoa Butter and the Coconut Oil it smelled delicious. I was so curious so of course I tasted it. It's not delicious....
I have been using it all week now and I love it beyond words. It's super moisturizing. I doubled the recipe to make multiple jars to give as gifts. In a double-batch I used 30 drops of therapeutic grade lavender from Doterra. The lotions smells only slightly like lavender, but it is still very pleasant. I didn't use any added colors, because I like the plain white color.

3. Organic Authority Anti Aging Face Cream
This lotion was fun and easy to make. I was surprised at how stiff and thick the lotion is. Granted, it's been 20 degrees where I live for the last month though. So it may be more lotiony at warmer temperatures. It says essential oils are optional. I used Lavender and Lemon from Doterra and Frankincense from NOW. I have to warm the lotion up in my hands before I put it on, but it is thick and moisturizing all day long.  I've been using it for a few days now and I like that it locks in the moisture without being too greasy.

As you can see in my photos, I got a label maker for Christmas. SO EXCITED!! I love putting cute labels and tags on things! 

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