Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crochet Projects to Love

I absolutely love to crochet! I first learned as a little girl. My mom, grandma and great-grandma taught me. At the time, they made mostly afghans and baby clothes. Since then, I have been able to whip out a hat or a scarf really easily. At high school swim meets, I had a friend that would crochet socks in between her races! It seems like crocheting is really trendy right now and there are so many fun patterns to try! My husband works nights, so crocheting is a nice way for me to unwind after work. I can also shower people in yarny gifts.

For my husbands birthday, I made him a crochet cupcake! I called it his low fat cupcake.

I used this pattern:

I also made all my Christmas Presents!! Well, except my mom's fitbit. I tried to crochet one, but the pattern was just toooo advanced!
I really wanted to give handmade, thoughtful gifts, that were of high quality. I recently bought an AWESOME book of fun patterns. It's called Crochet With One Sheepish Girl, by Meredith Crawford. She has a blog that is a must-see for the crochet fiend.
I used her book to make personalized throw pillows for some family members, an apron for a friend that loves to cook, a tablet case for my brother. I even made a blueberry muffin for my teaching assistant! (She saw my husbands cupcake and was jealous.)

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