Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lets Get Down to Business

Unpacking For Fall

   My husband and I went on a FANTASTIC road trip last week. We saw new towns, friends and family. The picture above was taken in front of the Santa Barbara Mission. 

   But now, the Honeymoon is over folks! Rick went back to work. I went to my classroom. So it begins!

   Last school year, I packed up my classroom because I am moving to a different room. I would have unpacked my whole room BEFORE my road trip, but that was not an option. So today I walked into a classroom full of boxes. My furniture is not yet in my room, since it is being used for summer camp. I am also going to be sharing my classroom with a part-time teacher. This teacher has not been hired yet, so I am trying to leave them space in the room as best I can without leaving all my things in boxes. 

Good news! My first day back to work is not until September 1st. I've got time! And after today, more empty boxes than full ones.

So here is my mantra for this new adventure:

   Sounds simple enough, right? Well it's not simple for me! I could easily spend so much of my free time at work. I often stay late and work during the summer.  BUT it is equally important that I: workout, spend time with my husband and RELAX.

   When I first decided to become a teacher, my mom (who is also a Special Educator) said, "Try to leave work at a decent hour. You will always think you have to get it all done before you can go home. There is ALWAYS more to do. Make lists and go home." 

   To create greater balance I am starting by setting a time that I HAVE to leave by making date for an activity at that time. Sometimes it's a hike with a friend or workout class. Sometimes it's just meeting my husband on his lunch break. The kicker is that it is always FUN!

First list of the School Year!

Tune in next week to see how it goes....

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