Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Anatomy of My Classroom

I am currently working to complete my ESOL endorsement. This term I have to complete a Portfolio/Work Sample. The syllabus said that I would have to write an Autobiography: no details or guidelines. Just: an autobiography.
Being the type-A human being that I am: this was just NOT enough information. So I poured over example work samples and tried to get an idea of what the expectations were. And what I found was: we can be creative. What?!?!?! EUREKA! I have not written a post in quite some time. SO after I finished my rough draft Autobiography I figured, "Why not share it with the world?" Or rather, my mom. Since I think she is the only one who reads my blog.

Without further ado: my work sample autobiography:

Every classroom takes on the personality of the teacher who lives there. We put pieces of ourselves all over the room, so that when students arrive in the fall, they begin to know who we are. My classroom has blue and pink paper on the bulletin boards, fabric with brightly colored triangles and a decorative silver-framed chalkboard. You will see pink buckets filled with pencils, a long-legged ceramic bird holding books and Whole Body Listening Larry, showing you how we listen at school. Yoda is on the wall, explaining that the force and a growth mindset are one and the same. Don’t let Darth fool you. He’s up to no good.  In the corner, if you look closely, you’ll see an Ironman helmet; because sometimes teachers are superheroes too.
Has the day got you down? Tired or sick? Did someone hurt your feelings at recess? Or is writing just TOO MUCH right now? It’s okay! Chill out in the igloo. I hear you, buddy. Learning is hard. But we can do hard things.

I have put pieces of myself into this room. I have stapled and taped and written them on poster board. I have poured over dollar bins and placed them in a prize box. And early in the morning, in the dark of 7am, I have thought of these students and their little hearts and minds. This is a safe place for learning. A safe place for feeling. A safe place to be. This is a place where things are hard, but we are tough. This is a place where we can GROW!

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